100 word challenge

Once upon a time there lived a lion cub all alone in the jungle and his name was John. John would sleep under a tree that would be shady and cool but one day he heard a rattle in the bush so he walked slowly towards the bush BANG it ran out like lightning had stroke and it was that rabbit. So he followed it he tryed so hard to keep up with it then he saw this sign it said DO NOT GO PAST so HE TOOK NO NOTICE OF THE SIGN AND he fall into a trap DEAD.



Favorite childhood memory

When I was little It was my first time riding a bike I was only six years old,and my brother was eight and he was teaching me how to ride a bike.He told me hope on the bike but I could’t reach the sit I was only 45 inches.We were just at the porch riding our bikes then I had an idea so I just climbed up hope on the bike and paddled I was PADDLING I was so happy I did’t even need help from my brother Theo  I just paddled and paddled and it was my first time on a bike,but many people don’t get it first time except ME!

Hi there world

Hi there world,

I was born in Fiji but now I live in New Zealand.My name is Markus  Natiri  and I’m 12 years old,my hobbies are sports like rugby, cricket,basketball and other kind of sports.And I live in a dairy farm and  we milk  400 cows everyday.I used to have a pet called trevor he was a dog a pig dog[NZ]. my likes are anything and my dislikes are nothing that means like anything and I dislike nothing.

BY Markus