I didn’t mean to kill her!!!!

I regret going to the beach because of what I did. I killed my one and only dog, Max. I really wish I could go back in time. I didn’t mean to kill her.


We were strolling down the beach in the sunny hot weather and  the sun was shining  into my eyes. Gripping onto my surfboard, I jumped into the salty chilly water with my dog Max. We were breaking waves, goofing around and swimming. During the day the weather started to change into an awful day, the wind started to pick up and we were drifting into the deep wide ocean.


We were about seven miles away from shore and I was feeling terrified. We were in the middle of the ocean losing our mind just a little. I just didn’t know what to do. It started to pour down with rain and Max was drenched. I tried to swim back but it looked like I was swimming in circles. Then I felt something tickle my toes, and Max started to bark. It swam around us and before you knew it,  a shark fin appeared. Max jumped off the surfboard and started to bark again. I yelled at him to come back, but he didn’t listen. The shark whizzed and snatched him up into his mouth and Max was dead.


The shark swam away. I saw a pool of blood on the water’s surface. I just wish that this wasn’t real, or hadn’t happened. I just wish I could redeem myself – I should never have taken Max with me.


It was time for coaststeering and I was excited but a little bit skittish. While we were walking the cold breeze blew softly onto my face. The soft wind was making me cold but when we got in our wetsuits it felt like I was in a boiling jug. Once I was ready I went outside, it looks like 

the cold breeze wasn’t any match with this wetsuit on. Once everyone was ready some of us had to go with Mr Turner and the rest of us had to walk there. Eventually we got there and started going down a scarped hill but luckily there were ropes so we could hold on. Finally we were there so we ran into the water  and started screaming, then we came back out and went for a stroll around the island. 

we jumped off rocks and most of the time we were swimming. my best part was swimming around and exploring the Island. coaststeering was my best activity ever!!!!


When we arrived at school, we went in to our class. Mr Turner and Mrs Campbell were calling our names if someone was away or if they were here. Me and my cousin went with Mr Turner with Isla and Brooke. we were heading to Dunedin to do curling and skating.

when we arrived we went in, sat down, ate some morning tea, and watched a video how to do curling. then it was game on. In my team was James, Brooke, and Isla. In the other team was Mrs Campbell, Mr Turner, Will, and Flynn. we were wining until they did a comeback. we tried and tried but it was too late we got smashed 8 to 3. After that we washed our hands and had  Domino’s pizza. we ate and ate, drank and drank until we were too full. Then it was time for skating. We put our skate shoes on and began skating. I fell a few times, but I still got the hang of it.



 that time in the countryside,

 you waking up at 4:00 in the morning,

 putting on

Two layers of clothes, for two weeks or should I

Say forever?

Then walking into the cold 

breeze feeling drowsy.



that time you felt hollow and your stomach was

growling at you for food, but you

Couldn’t eat just yet?



That time you went to Dunedin Just to go


but you felt queasy  

on the way?

That was my holidays.


The most best thing about winter is skiing. You put on your ski things and start skiing. You go off jumps and maybe crash. It boost your adrenaline rush at all ability levels. If your like a beginner like me putting on the skis for the first time can be a fun challenge.

secondly, you can do snow bullfights picking up the white snow and rowling it into a ball and getting ready to throw at someone. so being in the snow is so much fun!!



I learnt that the water cycle keeps on recycling and recycling and the three common ones are evaporation, condensation, and precipitation.

The water cycle is good for our planet. Giving nutritious to our trees. Then the trees give humans oxygen by storing carbon and recycling it. the water cycle is good for our planet because it’s making our food grow and giving animals water.

But the thing is we are polluting our planet and killing animals, so the thing is to stop lettering and start caring….


Since now it was the day I was waiting for. I got up had a shower got dressed packed my bag and had my breakfast. After that we had to put our bags in the car, then got ourselves in the car and went off.

Ne’tava was in the passenger sit, my grandma was driving and me and Elijah were at the back sit, we where heading to Dunedin. 2 hrs and 30 mins later we arrived at our destination. First of all we had to go to our uncle’s house to pick up our cousin Kali, then we went to burger king to have lunch. after that we definitely made it to our destination. We got our bags out and went inside. then grandma had to go back to our uncle’s house to have a sleep over, but at Roinga’s house we stayed up until 2.00 pm eating lollies and playing video games ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Coming back to school was fun, because I was so happy to meet ROOM TAHI!!

and enjoy doing school work. My favorite thing  when it was lock-down was moving houses. because it exciting meeting our  new house .